D-Jacker mit Rieco Titan

D-Jacker by Wohnkabinencenter

The D-Jacker - A quick release system for four corner pickup truck camper jacks.

Jens Heidrich CEO Wohnkabinencenter Hello, my name is Jens from Wohnkabinencenter. Our company is located in Germany and we are engaged in truck camper business since 2005.

„Wohnkabine“ ist the German word for a slide in truck camper.

D-Jacker and Rieco Titan camper jacks - a perfect match

Since 2008 we are the European distributor for the famous Four Wheel Campers from Woodland / California. Over the years we have imported demountable camper cabins from Six-Pac Campers, Travel Lite and Camp Craft. We do a lot of business with Rieco Titan and all our American campers come with Rieco Titan camper jacks.

Between 2011 and 2018 we did a lot of truck camper rentals. All customers came with their own truck, so we had to load and unload the camper from their truck.

In Germany, most people detach their camper jacks before driving, so we always had to remove and attach the four corner jack legs. We have narrow roads here, many people drive through the forest or on winding gravel mountain roads. Therefore, it is better if the camper jacks do not stick out on the sides of the vehicle.

The disassembly process takes a lot of time. Take the screw off the jack, put the jack in place, put the screws in place, put washers and nuts on, take two wrenches, tighten the screws, and so on. Since we Germans like to develop things further, we sat down and thought about how to make this process easier and faster.

D-Jacker saves so much time.

After some time, the idea for the D-Jacker was born. After installing the first samples, we were totally satisfied. Now all you have to do is to pull only one bolt and the jack slides out of the camper. When sliding the Rieco Titan Jack in with the D-Jacker installed, all you have to do is to push only one locking bolt into the locking hole and the jack fits perfectly. We love the D-Jacker and it saves so much time.

Kind regards from the old world,

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I'm on my third trip using your D-Jacker brackets to remove my jacks. I wanted to share some observations:

It is much quieter driving with the jacks removed. I had not realized how much air-noise the jacks make on the highway.
I'm regularly getting 17.5 miles per gallon (7.44 km/l) when I used to get 15.5 miles per gallon (6.6 km/l). That's an increase in fuel efficiency of 12%. That means the D-Jacker will pay for themselves in fuel savings.
Driving is much less stressful, especially driving through cities.

Thanks again for producing a great product! Ben Coleman

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